Saturday, February 5, 2011

I've Done It!

After eleven years living in the Heights, I've walked from the Hoboken terminal to home in fifty minutes flat – but I did stop to take a few pictures. Beautiful strangely warm night. After this week's ice storm the snow looks as if it is glazed. I enjoyed the walk while listening to Sigur Rós's ( ); very apt. The reason why I decided to walk is that, after spending the evening at a right wing, Fox News infested party near Columbus Circle (I will perhaps post specifics on the party at a later time), the packed train from 33rd St. arrived at Hoboken and then decided to turn around and go back to New York. So everyone was bumped off the train waiting for who knows what. Since I still would have had to walk twenty minutes from Journal Square, I figured it would have taken me about the same amount of time or less if I just walked from Hoboken. In the end, I'll never know, but I am glad I walked.

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